Monday, 27 July 2015

organic clothing and their benefits

      Organic clothing are becoming popular in India. Why they are becoming so popular do you have any idea?
  • Organic clothing are prepared from organic sources only. Many are interested in it and it's the main reason about 30% of growth is seen in organic Industry over the past 6-7 years.

     Benefits of Organic clothing

  • Inorganic colors and synthetic fibers may affect our skin so it is advisable to use natural and organic clothing. chemicals used in preparing many colors are harmful to our health.
  • Organic clothes are easily decomposable in our earth. It is a added advantage after decomposition it adds essentials to the soil. It is pollution free and very smooth when compared to normal synthetic fibers.
  • These are eco-friendly and produced from non-genetically modified plants. Thus, traditional plant varieties are encouraged and conserved. For conservation of our own traditional varieties, organic industry should be boosted up.
  • Cotton is a crop which consumes a  maximum amount of pesticides by organic cotton we can overcome it. From recent survey article by NRDC see chemicals are invading milk. How pollution is damaging our environment.
  • If you want real data on this pesticide pollution you can check pesticide Info. How our soil is losing everything it is predicted that a day will come where polluted genome cannot be controlled by humans.
  • Natural colors are used for preparing these materials which are normally extracted from flowers.
  • After reading the article by NRDC, every mother will suppose to change from inorganic to organic wears. It's a step taken by many people to control pollution indirectly.
  • Pollution by many chemicals enters into our blood these can be easily controlled by all of us.

          Attracting colors jeans and T-shirts see my friends photograph at Ooty with all organic wear. (Mallikarjun)

                                     The organic industry should be encouraged by all of us. 

                                     Spread the word to educate our society

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