Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Inspired by Dr. Abdul Kalam

    Great man no words to say other than this it's a shock for all of us. I personally experienced it feeling sad.... It took 48 long hours for me to digest this news.

             Pics I have taken from the book TURNING POINTS by Abdul Kalam sir. What an interactive person he is every path of his life is an inspiration to crores of people.

     Previously my bookstore contains many books but now very few because I have gifted it to many of my friends and relatives. The only leftover book with me is TURNING POINTS I think being with a book written by Adul kalam sir is like being with him. I inspired a lot by his writings and after finishing any book I will write a small review on it and I will gift to any of my family members.

  lines I like most: from his book TURNING POINTS

   O my fellow citizens,
   In giving, you receive happiness,
   in body and soul.
   You have everything to give,
   If you have knowledge, share it.
  If you have resources, share them with the needy.
  Use your mind and heart,
  To remove the pain of the suffering,
  And cheer the sad hearts.
  In giving, you receive happiness.

  The ignited mind of the youth is
   the most powerful resource
  on the earth, above the earth
    and under the earth.

   You become the captain of the problems,
    Defeat the problems and succeed.

  Courage to think different,
  Courage to invent,
  Courage to travel on an unexplored path,
  Courage to discover the impossible,
  Courage to combat the problems and succeed,
  and the unique qualities of youth.
  As a youth of my nation,
  I will work and work with courage to achieve success in all the missions.

  Empowerment comes from within
  Nobody else can give it, except the Almighty.

  National economic development is powered by the competition.
  Competition is powered by knowledge.
  Knowledge is powered by technology and innovation.

  Conscience is the light of the soul.

   See the flower, how freely it gives of its perfume and honey.
     But when its work is done, it falls away quickly

       His love towards parents towards mother india he is a moral example for all indian youth. His love towards people his love towards his work.

   Every word from his life is a lesson to us I ordered all his books once again I will enjoy the beauty of his writings once again. I suggest all of you once go through books of kalam sir you will know what a great man he is.

            Our Kalam sir is immortal in his writings and his service towards India.

                          This post is dedicated to Abdul kalam sir....

                        Spread the word to educate our society.

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