Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Government funded projects for controlling violence against women

        One stop centre for women victims of atrocity and harassment this project is sanctioned by central government is likely to open on August 29 in Andhra Pradesh. This centre is run by Ministry of women and child development a good move by the government of India.

       Centre contains inpatient ward, counselling facility and a short stay home. It is going to provide counselling to victims of sexual assault, dowry harassment, domestic violence. It is a hospital-cum- counselling centre-treatment along with counselling.

      I think it's a good move by the Government to establish such a centre for women. Medical cure along with a series of counselling is required to come out of the worst situation they faced.


     Education department along with some NGOs proposed to set up Samjhauta centres in each district. These centres provide unarmed training for girls to protect themselves.

   The Government is laying stones for many projects to control violence against women. Hope all efforts bear fruits which will turn every Daughter, Mother and Sister live happily in this world. 

   You can comment below about the schemes you know which control violence against women. It maybe a state or central funded just mention the name of the scheme if necessary link for the scheme.

               Your comments are valuable for us to spread a good word to the society.

                          Spread the word and educate our society